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Good Night Wishes

The night is not only for sleeping but it is the only way to end your too long day with peace and rest. The time of the night is good for everyone because duty-makers come home and drink after eating and eating in the light of the moon, they talk of sadness from their home family. People generally perform a lot of tasks and give their best efforts to make their life peaceful. The work done by the people tires them, so the rest of the night rests in peace so that they can get rid of fatigue. Today, we have brought some Nightwish to you who can read Hindi and English and share them with your friends.

Good Night Wishes For Friends :

Many times, we send our funny good night wishes to our friends at night, so that they are happy to read them night wishes friends and to get away from the work done in the day. By doing so, our relationship with our friends becomes very strong and our good makes their night very beautiful. So, below are some of the best good night wishes for her and gud night wishes which you must share with your loved and friends.

  1. Do not count what you have lost. Just see what u have now because past never comes back but sometimes future can give u back ur lost things. Good night.

  2. I wish moon always be full and bright and you always be cool and right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, remember that I am wishing you. Good Night.

  3. Goodnight my friend, pleasant dreams, sleep night my friend, may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you full of happiness and success. Good night and Sweet dreams my friend.

  4. May your good night prayers reach the Angels who will immediately come down to watch you sleep. Good night dear friend.

  5. You will only be able to enjoy your night if you stop thinking about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. So sleep tight and immerse yourself into your favorite dream. Good night.

  6. Use every second of the night to dream about all that you want to achieve in life and use every second of the following day to achieve every dream you saw the last night. Good night my friend.

  7. The biggest gift that night can give you is not good to sleep, but the promise that your tomorrow holds millions of possibilities. Good night friends.

  8. Moon had appeared in the dark sky showing its glittering dim light all over and the stars are shining like diamonds. Good night dear friend, Sleep well and stay blessed.

  9. It is time to sleep, so close your eyes a little wise. Forget about today, Think about tomorrow, Good night my friend.

  10. Friendship is Smoother than silk and whiter than milk Sweeter than honey and greater than Money Higher than any tower and stronger than any power, Good Night my Friend.

  11. My heart is asking me to wish you a good night filled with fun and spirit. Have a good night dear. You are so important to me.

  12. As the moon shines brightest among the stars of the sky, my friend you shine brightest in the sky of my life; very Good night to you to acknowledge and tighten our bond of friendship.

  13. Hope my message makes you smile brightly like this full moon, so wish my dear friend Good Night.

  14. Good night, sleep tight. I hope that you will sleep well and be energetic in the morning.

  15. Every time you close your eyes and fall asleep, may you have only good dreams. And every time you open your eyes in the morning, may the reality be also great! Good night.Good Night Wishes For Friends

  16. I cannot believe that this long day has come to an end. After all, wishing you to rest and recover. Sleep is necessary for our beauty.

  17. Are you ready for a sleep Don’t hurry and let me wish you sweet dreams? Hug you.

  18. Night, night, to a dear friend! May you sleep well.

  19. May the night fill with stars for you. May counting everyone, give you contentment.

  20. Friend, you make me smile! I hope you are smiling, while you sleep.

  21. You are the sweetest person that I know! May you feel at ease, tonight, knowing how great you are.

  22. Being your friend is amazing! Tonight, may you enjoy your leisure time.

  23. Wishing a friend I hold dear a very, good night! You deserve it.

  24. Good night, friend! I hope you dream of colorful and fantastic things.

  25. I hope tonight finds you snug, friend! Have a Good Night.

Good Night Wishes For Lover :

If you are in love with someone or if you are in a relationship with someone then these good night wishes to my love are for you. You should send these night wishes for love to your near and dear ones to your heart to make them feel loved. These wishes will improve you in between relations. Your partner will forget all his/her bad happenings throughout the day after reading your lovely night wishes. Show them how much you love and care for them by sending these wishes to them. So, below are some of the best good night sweet wishes and good night wishes to lover which you must share with your loved and dear ones.

  1. In sleep, we must be apart, my love, but rest assured for I will dream of you till we meet again. Goodnight, my darling.

  2. There are a lot of days which have passed and yet there are many to come. Among all those days I will not let this night go by without telling you that I love you and may all your dreams come true. Goodnight my love.

  3. You will have a hard day tomorrow, lie down to rest. I am always with you, even if I am not with you physically, but in the mind permanently. Sweet dreams my love.

  4. Finally, the night has come and it is the time when I am lying on the bed and missing you and just praying for your sweet dreams. Good night beautiful.

  5. Every day I spend with you is the new best day of my life. Cannot wait for the morning. Good night baby.

  6. When we are apart in sleep, the dream of you keeps me company. So for you, I leave this persisting message: even in the darkest night, the light of your love shows me the way. Good night my sweetheart.

  7. I wonder how well you sleep at night, and what kind of dreams you have. I wish I could step into them as you step into mine. Goodnight my beautiful.

  8. The brightest thing in this world are your two eyes when you look at me, I do not want to see stars at night but your eyes. Goodnight my love.

  9. Goodnight my love, pleasant dreams, sleep tight my love, may tomorrow be sunny and bright and bring you closer to me.

  10. A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like you making everyday seems so great. Thank you, my love, and may all the angels guard you this night.

  11. The sweetest girl in the world is lying in bed and reading this message, I hope that it will make you smile. Good night, lovely.

  12. Before you sleep, I want you to look into the sky through your window. Do you see the numberless stars in the sky? I sent them to tell you that I am missing you tonight. Good night, my darling.

  13. Sleep well because my love is the wings to cover you and my hugs and kisses are the warmth to give you pleasure. Good Night.

  14. This message has the following attachments the sweetest kiss and coziest hug, the cutest cuddle and warmest snuggle. Good night.

  15. The sun rose and set today like every other day but no one knows my world has stopped. It will move only when we meet again tomorrow. Good night my love.Good Night Wishes For Lover

  16. Wishing that the moon will be bright and full tonight giving you dream just so right get ready to bed and switch off your light let me tuck you in and wish you Goodnight.

  17. Finally, the night has come and it is the time when I’m lying on the bed and missing you and just praying for your sweet dreams. Good Night.

  18. When the night breeze blows my hair, I imagine they’re your kisses I can stand missing you this much. Sweet dreams baby.

  19. You are the light of my world, The music in my heart and the first and last thought of my day. Have a Good Night, My Dear.

  20. It is night time again, time to take your rest again and it is that time again to remind you, I’ll love you again and again and again, sweet dreams.

  21. Close your eyes and make a wish sending you my warm hug and kiss may you sleep tight tonight I wish you a sweet good night.

  22. Thinking about you is the tipping point where my nightmares end and sweet dreams begin. I love you.

  23. Nobody’s right till somebody’s wrong. Nobody’s weak till somebody’s strong. Nobody’s lucky till love comes along. Nobody’s lonely till somebody’s gone. I love and miss you tonight.

  24. Before you go to bed I just want you to know that somewhere out there someone is thinking about you. Someone who loves and misses you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

  25. I do not dream about you, because I can never fall asleep thinking about you. Goodnight my love, have a sweet dream.

Good Night Wishes Hindi :

If you want to end your day with enjoyment then you can take the help of these good wishes. These sweet night wishes will not only entertain you but they will also make you laugh so that you can sleep well and better than before. You will forget all your difficulties and problems after reading these best night wishes. You can share these happy night wishes for Whatsapp in Hindi with all your loved and relatives who are more comfortable or prefer to have wishes in Hindi. So, below are some of the best romantic good night wishes and good night wishes for someone special in Hindi for Facebook and Whatsapp.

  1. शोर मत मचाओ, चुपके से कोई आ रहा हैं, बस वो आ रहा हैं, आपका प्यारा सा ख़्वाब. शुभ रात्रि।

  2. चाँद के साथ चाँदनी भी आई, संग सुहाने सपनों की बारात लाई, चलो अब सो जाते हैं, सपनों में खो जाते हैं. शुभ रात्रि।

  3. रात में कोई याद आता हैं, तरो में कोई खो जाता हैं, ख़्वाबों में कोई बहें जाता हैं, आप भी Enjoy करो अपने हिसाब से Good night.

  4. सो जाओ शांति से, खो जाओ यादों में, डूब जाओ ख़्वाबों में, और Relax हो जाओ तन्हाई से Good Night.

  5. ज़िन्दगी में कुछ चीजो का, “मज़ा ही कुछ और होता है, जैसे पढ़ते-पढ़ते रज़ाई में सोने का Good Night.

  6. तेरे बिना कैसे गुज़रेंगी ये रातें, तन्हाई का गम कैसे सहेंगी ये रातें, बहुत लम्बी हैं घड़ियाँ इंतज़ार की, करवट बदल-बदल कर कटेंगी ये रातें. शुभरात्रि।

  7. आज Romance से भरपूर रात आयी हैं,दिल से दिल के मिलन की रात आयी हैं, Relax हो जाओ और प्यार का समाहा बंद लो Good night.

  8. अरे दिवानो ज़रा मेरा कहना मानो, ज़्यादा mobile में मत गूसो, कभी दिल की भी मानो, और सो जाओ और देख लो प्यारे सपने. गुड नाइट स्वीट Dreams.

  9. चाँद की चांदनी सितारों की रात, शुरू हुई आपकी यादें, और यादों को दिया मैंने साथ Good Night.

  10. सूरज का ढलना भी जरूरी है, चाँद का निकलना भी जरूरी है, ऐ वक़्त तू जरा भी न ठहर,इनका साथ देना भी जरूरी है. शुभ रात्रि।

  11. रात की सुहानि ख़ुशबू से अपने ख़्वाबों को सज़ा दो, और तारों की प्यारी सजावट से अपने दिलो-दिमाग़ को तरवा ताज़ा कर दो. शुभ रात्रि।

  12. मधुर सपने आपके मन को प्रसन्न रखे ताकि मीठी -मीठी प्यारी निंदिया आये. शुभ रात्री।

  13. रातों में करवटें बदलना, यूँही थोड़ा थोड़ा मुस्कुराना, एक अच्छे सपनों का संकेत होता हैं. तो दोस्तों।

  14. रात की दिलागी चाँद की आशिक़ी. तारो की मधोशि बुला रही हैं आज, आपको ख़्वाबों में. शुभ रात्रि।

  15. मस्त मस्त सुहानि रात, अनोखे जगमगाते तारे, प्यार भरे चाँद के इशारे, दे रहे हैं ख़्वाबों के नज़ारे. शुभ रात्रि। Good Night Wishes Hindi

  16. एक नई सुबह मुस्कुराते हुए आपका स्वागत करे, आपके मन पसंद सपने आ करमन प्रसन्न कर दे.शुभ रात्री।

  17. यह रात आपके पुरे दिन के सभी मुसीबतों को ख़त्म कर देगा बस सो जाओ . शुभरात्रि ।

  18. आपकी शुभरात्रि प्रार्थना परियों तक पहुच जाये जो आपको सोता हुआ देखने के लिए निचे आ जाये. शुभरात्रि ।

  19. अगर केवल मैं तुम्हारे साथ आज रात हो सकता है, मैं कभी नहीं सोता .बल्कि, मैं सिर्फ तुम्हे सारी रात देखता रहता . जो प्यारा होता।

  20. हालांकि हम एक साथ नहीं है, मुझे आशा है कि ठंड हवा आपको मेर शुख्दायक हग्स और चुम्बन की याद दिलाएगी . आपको बहुत याद कर रही हूँ ।

  21. हर एक रात आराम और ताज़ा होने के लिए एक उपहार है , यह बर्बाद मत करो , शुभ रात्रि ।

  22. आपके सपने आपको एक नई आशा और खुशियों की एक अलग दुनिया में ले जाये, आपके लिए एक सुन्दर रात।

  23. क्या आपकी पहले से ही अपने अलार्म घड़ी सेट है ,बस एक चेतावनी है, शुभ रात्रि सो जाओ मेरे दोस्त ।

  24. आपको चुम्बन और प्यार .मैं तुम्हें बहुत प्यार करता हूँ,शुभ रात्रि मेरे बच्चे ।

  25. मेरे साथ एक अच्छा दिन बिताने के लिए आपका धन्यवाद् ,आशा करती हूँ की कल भी ऐसा ही दिन हो ,मैं आपको बहुत याद करती हूँ ।

Good Night Wishes In English :

If you or any of your loved ones are going through hard times then you must send these good night wishes to them. No matters what difficulties they are suffering from; these gud nite wishes will always make them smile. These good night wishes with flowers will boost and grow your relationship and will take it to another level. If you are getting this much then what are you waiting for? Go and grab these wishes and share them with anyone you want and anywhere you want. So, below are some of the good night wishes English and good nyt wishes which will make them feel special and happy.

  1. Every moment of these long nights is a moment to be thankful to God for having you. I am thinking of you and missing you a lot. Good night.

  2. The beautiful moon shining over my head is reminding me of a beautiful face. A face that can erase every painful memory in my life. I wish you a good night with a tight sleep.

  3. My dreams are so full of you. I wish your dreams tonight be so full of me. Can’t wait for the morning to meet you and hug you. Good night!

  4. A million stars have lit up the night sky just like you have lit up my entire life. My days start with you in the morning and end with you at night! Good night!

  5. Kissing in your forehead in the morning and at night before going to sleep has become my daily dose of happiness. Good night.

  6. The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I did not have to miss you this much.

  7. Hold your phone tightly because this text message is a hug in disguise. Good night.

  8. There is something that is big, warm and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you.

  9. All I wish a sheet of clouds for your bed and bright crystals for the stars. While you sleep, may the angels play sweet songs that bring you bright dreams?

  10. Sending you many tender kisses before I fall asleep Good night my dear… I love you.

  11. Since your eyes are looking tired, let your eye lashes hug each other for a few hours, a happy journey into the world of dreams, good night.

  12. As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.

  13. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Good Night

  14. Early sleep and early wake up gives health and makes you grow.” Good Night!

  15. The stars and moon arrive just to wish you a good night. Let the light of the moon guide your dreams as you pass the night away.Good Night Wishes In English

  16. As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.

  17. Instead of holding my pillow tight, I wish I could meet you in person and kiss you good night.

  18. Just for you, I have a sweet goodnight kiss. Just to you, I wish a morning full of bliss. Good night handsome.

  19. Fear can keep us all night long, but faith makes one beautiful Pillow. Have a peaceful Goodnight.

  20. I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars. Good Night.

  21. May the blanket of night wrap you in a hundred sweet dreams, a thousand hugs and a million kisses. Good night darling.

  22. You look so beautiful when you are in bed that sleep gets naturally attracted to you. Good night sweetie.

  23. Worrying about your past will ruin your present and future. Dreaming about the future will improve your present and erase the past. Which one will you do? The choice is your buddy. Good night.

  24. The night is the reason you see the day. So cherish the dark blanket of the sky while the stars bring your dreams for tomorrow.

  25. Pack all of your sadness. It is time to say goodbye to them. Take a break from all the negativity of life and get yourself a soft, warm bed to sleep on.




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