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We are all aware of the word ‘funny’, ‘special words’ means a lot of fun, especially these specials we mostly do with our friends, brother, sister-in-law, aunt, etc. In this blog, we have brought you a treasure of love and fun for friends. Those of whom you search on Google for a heartfelt congratulations on your friend’s birthday. Now you will not need to find more for your friend’s funny birthday wishes. You will be able to see, read and send your personal family to your friend’s beautiful, loving and happy weddings, Happy Birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend:

As we all know that most of the new generation currently have girlfriends. Girlfriend is our partner who wants to live together with all our pleasures and wants to stay with us for life. Today, we have brought some special specials to you on the birthday of girlfriends. Those that you start searching for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google before the birthday of Girlfriend. You do not have to search much on Google to find the special warm greetings of your girlfriends birthday. To send a funny birthday wishes for female friend, you can choose from the special given below and send them via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Sms.

  1. No amount of words can ever be enough to express my feelings for you. happy birthday to the love of my life. Wish you all the happiness in this world.

  2. Happy birthday to a girlfriend that I know I can’t live without. You are the sunshine of my life. May you be blessed with smiles unfading.

  3. Your smile can outshine a thousand candles. Your touch can melt even the coldest heart. I love you today & every day.

  4. Your smile is sweeter than the sweetest cake in the world. Thanks for being into my life. Happy birthday to my sweet girlfriend.

  5. I don’t believe in birthdays because I know you came straight from heaven to make my life happier & beautiful. All the good wishes for my angel.

  6. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms & tell you how much this special day of yours means to me. Happy birthday, dear.

  7. You can make as many wishes as you want today. I promise you, I’ll make all your wishes come true one by one.

  8. You are the perfect creation of god & the best gift any man has received in life. Today is your birthday & I want to make sure it’s a special one.

  9. You were born sweet & born for me to make my life a piece of heaven. I love you for everything you are. Happy birthday.

  10. I don’t know what good I did to deserve you but I do know that you deserve all the happiness in this world. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

  11. I could buy you a thousand flowers but they would still be too petty to express what I feel for you.

  12. I will always be there by your side loving you unconditionally and protecting you fiercely.

  13. Just as you blow the candles on your birthday cake, remember that there’s one flame endlessly burning in my heart, for you.

  14. You have so many people wishing you on your birthday, but none of them holds the crazy-love for you that I have. Love you to the moon and back.

  15. Your love is the spark of my life, the thrill of my fantasy; your touch starts the fire in me. Be mine forever.funny birthday wishes for a good friend

  16. What do you get when you mix hotness and beauty and combine them both with a sexy personality.

  17. I searched online and went to all the shops, old and new. But I could not find anything that was as pretty as you.

  18. Happy birthday to my love, my best friend, my agony aunt, my complaint hotline, my emergency contact, and my soul mate.

  19. I am in fear because it’s your birthday! Is it mandatory to bring a birthday gift for you? LOL! I am just joking, Happy birthday to you dear! I wish it will be your coolest birthday.

  20. Hey birthday girl, it’s your birthday! So, it’s your duty to make a treat for me, as I am wishing all the best things for you. Let’s hurry for the treat.

  21. You know how much I worried about your birthday cake! The chocolate cake is huge in size and it can make you fattier.

  22. It’s your birthday! So, make sure you are going to properly utilize the day with a lot of monkey business! Let’s have a crazy party.

  23. Your birthday is making you sexier with every passing year.

  24. Have I told you that you become more kissable on certain days of the year? Today is one of them.

  25. I don’t want anything from you, except for you to want me.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend:

Happy birthday to a friend is special for every one of us. It is a day to celebrate the arrival of our wonderful, wonderful, stupid, stupid and all kinds of friends on this earth. For a good friend, some special birthday wishes can really be helpful in our love and caring for them. Always be your best friend for a man or a woman, you should not hesitate to congratulate them on their birthday on a sweet and lovely birthday. Sometimes a good friend may be your best wishes for your birthday. After all, in a deep friendship, a friend does not mind every time you are teased. So here are some good wishes for best friends for men and funny birthday wishes for men.

  1. Dear Busty! There is nothing for others today but for me, today’s day is very important. Because today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you and wish you a very happy life in the future.

  2. Today I was wondering what will I choose for you on this birthday At that moment one thing comes to my mind. The thing is sending you a birthday message.

  3. More than ever I am proud of the best friend like myself. Please always be with me! A lot of happy birthdays and lots of happiness in the day.

  4. There is no one closer to me than you. You are my best friend.

  5. Do you have all the happiness that your heart can hold? I wish, your life is filled with happiness.

  6. I wish to celebrate one thousand of your birthday this way. I am grateful to God because on this day he sent an angel on earth who is my best friend.

  7. Friendship is like bonding between two humans, and birthday means to share birthday cake among others! Happy cake eating dear.

  8. This day is very special for me because on this day my best friend was born. I am always lucky for a friend like you. “That’s enough for a day.

  9. Wish would be the best birthday of your life. Enjoy your time with your family. I’m sending you a lot of love from here! Now you send me the money to buy a cake for you.

  10. Friendship makes me special every day. But when your birthday is over, it is always more special because your pocket is going to be empty today.

  11. If you were not born today, then this world was deprived of a great fool to make fun of it. I mean that you are really a funny person.

  12. If you are spent with you, then every moment of my life is pleasant. You are a gift to me On this special occasion, I want to wish all the happiness of this world. Be fooled every day

  13. Wish every day to be your birthday so that your age increases every day and you die soon. But unfortunately, this is not going to happen. Therefore, happy birthday dear friend, only once a year.

  14. Do not be so happy on your birthday Just remember that another year has passed and you have not received anything other than your age.

  15. Being a friend like you is a blessing. You are the most wonderful person I have ever known. Let’s make a great one to remember this birthday.funny bday wishes

  16. Birthdays are not just a number to celebrate. It is a sign that you are getting mature every year, and that is why we are friendly.

  17. For many reasons to celebrate this special day, the most wonderful reason is that you are getting more beautiful every year.

  18. Time will pass, beautiful faces will disappear, but a beautiful heart will grow only more beautiful. Happy Birthday to you my dear. You are one of those people who have a beautiful heart.

  19. Dear! I will advise you on your birthday Smile as much as possible by showing your teeth from now on. Because after a few years you do not have teeth to show.

  20. Be alert! Birthdays can leak your real age. So, use fewer candles on your cake and spend more money on us.

  21. Celebrating a birthday like a child does not suit you. In your age, women should celebrate their wedding ceremony.

  22. If you make a little less makeup, then you can actually save some more money for the birthday party. Happy birthday to our makeup queen

  23. You are smiling because this is your birthday! We are smiling because you are getting old and fat.

  24. Enjoy a happy and healthy life and, of course, do not stop lying about your age. Because finally, you are not getting younger.

  25. For many people, the word friend is just a sequence of letters. For me, this is the source of happiness and strength because of you. happy Birthday Buddy.

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