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Christmas Wishes

So the festival of Christmas has come around again. A time of great joy and happy festivities for many across the globe. The season of goodwill between all men, Christmas is a Christian festival, it is a celebration of the birth of Christ, but it is celebrated by many more people too.
So why not send some goodwill to your family and friends this Christmas by sending them one of our unique Christmas best wishes and greetings. We have compiled an extensive list of greetings, quotes and wishes that are ideal to send Christmas love to your nearest and dearest. We have wishes and greetings for your family,whether that be your mum and dad, brothers and sisters, nephews, nieces, uncles and aunties.
As Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus it is the perfect time to be positive towards each other. It’s a time of hope and joy and the spread of good will, so use one of our quotes to send some Christmas love. Feel free to edit them to suit your own needs and feel free to share them on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. Or even just use them to send a text to your loved on as a lovely message in a Christmas card.

Merry Christmas Wishes :

  1. Wishing happiness, peace and joy on your Christmas menu this year. Eat lots, drink more and let the new year look after itself. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Hoping your Christmas is the best one yet. Wishing you joy and happiness throughout Christmas and a peaceful and fulfilling new year ahead.

  3. To all my family and friends this Christmas, have a wonderful festive period and an even better new year. Hoping you can find all the joy and love that you give to me.

  4. Wishing blessings on you the Christmas. May it be a time of happiness and joy and may the new year bring all your dreams and wishes.

  5. Here’s hoping you get the very best present this Christmas, the gift of your family’s health and happiness, and may that last throughout the new year and in the years ahead.

  6. Merry Christmas. May you receive the best gifts of all. Your family, safe, happy and peaceful. Have a great day and a wonderful new year.

  7. Season’s greetings and a thousand good wishes this Christmas to all my friends and family. Hoping you have the best day and an awesome new year ahead.

  8. I am so lucky to have you as my family. In season of goodwill I wish all that’s great in the world this Christmas, all that’s right in the world in the new year.

  9. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May you be showered with Christmas gifts and festive cheer.

  10. In this season of goodwill I wish you peace, quiet, chocolate and wine!

  11. May your Christmas be decorated with cheer and filled with love. Have a wonderful holiday.

  12. Let the spirit of Christmas warm your home with love, joy, and peace. Have a blessed Christmas.

  13. Count your blessings, sing your Christmas carols, open your gifts, and make a wish under the Christmas tree. May you have a Merry Christmas.

  14. There are many gifts under the Christmas tree, but the best one is you.

  15. May success be with you and everything you do, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year too.Merry Christmas Wishes

  16. Tis the season! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas filled with memories you’ll always treasure. Merry Xmas wishes to you.

  17. May you give and receive much love, joy, and peace this season. Merry Christmas.

  18. Wishing you all the best that life can bring, Merry Christmas to you and a year full of blessings.

  19. May God bless you with a festive, loving and peaceful celebration this Christmas and all throughout the year.

  20. Christmas can be many things or it may be a few, but all I wish on this holiday is the best for you. Merry Christmas.

  21. I hope you awake on Christmas morning feeling like a child again. Merry Christmas.

  22. May your Christmas sparkle and your holiday overflow with gifts and love. Merry Christmas.

  23. All I want for Christmas is you, my dear. May we celebrate this holiday together holding each other’s hand year after year. Merry Christmas my love.

  24. Health, love, and happiness I wish to you, Merry Christmas and good tidings too.

  25. The bells are ringing everywhere, and Santa’s on his way, there’s peace blanketing the snow-covered land, on this special Christmas day.

  26. Bless us, oh Lord, this Christmas, with a giving spirit, quietness of mind and serenity in our hearts, and may all beings be blessed with the same gifts.

  27. May the treasures and pleasures of Christmas be with you with love and peace all year through. Merry Christmas.

  28. May the lights of Christmas be your guide and the Christmas carols fill you with cheer. Have a happy holiday.

  29. Christmas season is full of magic, gifts, carols, and joyous celebration. Have the best Christmas ever.

  30. May you be wrapped with love and warmth and be blessed with a long and healthy life. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Wishes For Friends :

We celebrate Christmas day with our friends because friends make four moons in this festival. We present our friends with their cards by writing cards and good wishes on this day. This makes them and our relationship even stronger. These are some wishes that you can share with your friend on a creative day. So, below are some of the Merry Christmas wishes for friends and happy Christmas wishes which you can share with your friends on any social platform you want.

  1. Christmas is all about spending time with friends and family and creating memories that will last forever. Let’s celebrate this wonderful occasion of this season. Merry Christmas my dear.

  2. Christmas is the time to be showered with love and blessing. I hope Santa will bring the best for you because you deserve it. Wishing you Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas to my friend who knows all the secrets of mine and knows very well what I like and what I do not! You are the biggest blessing of my life.

  4. I remember how I prayed in my childhood for having a best friend in life. I did not know my wish would come true someday. Merry Christmas my friend.

  5. Wishing you a happy, healthy and colorful life in this Christmas. Enjoy every moment with your family, friends and your loved ones. Merry Christmas.

  6. Best friends are no less than a family. You are one of my best friends in life. I love you just as much as I love my family. Merry Christmas.

  7. Friends always love no matter how much flaws you have in you. I am wishing you joy and blessing in your life my friend.

  8. The joy of this holy occasion will surely fill your life with eternal happiness. May the happiness stays with you forever. Merry Christmas.

  9. Let the lights of the Christmas guide you to success and prosperity and bring happiness and peace in your life! Merry Christmas my friend.

  10. Christmas is all about caring, sharing and eating many delicious foods! May all your wishes come true as soon as possible. Merry Christmas.

  11. Friendship cannot be bought with money. I am lucky that I am rich with friends like you. This makes celebrating Christmas more meaningful.

  12. Where could I find a best friend like you? Not at the North Pole, that’s for sure. This year know that the best gift in my life is a best friend like you. Merry Christmas.

  13. With you being my friend, I feel like every day is Christmas. The comfort and warmth that comes with this season make me think of you. Merry Christmas to you friend.

  14. I feel like I am Santa Claus because everything I want to do is giving the most astonishing gifts to the best people. Merry Christmas, buddy.

  15. Merry Christmas to the best friend in the world, the person that sees through my faults and loves me anyway. I am wishing you joy and blessings this Christmas. I am so proud to call you a part of my family and I cherish the time I spend with you.

  16. May this holy Christmas night bring much light, warmth, and well-being to your life! And may your guardian angel never leave you and protect you from misery and failure. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  17. I know we’re not little kids anymore, but I believe there’s still room for miracles in our life. I wish that this magic night would remind you that wonders happen. Merry Christmas.

  18. A great holiday is coming. It means it is time to let go of old grudges and show a little kindness. We’re both get too emotional and quarrel sometimes, but our friendship must be better than that. Merry Christmas.

  19. I wish that your Christmas season shimmers with love and kindness. May the faith and serenity descend on you.

  20. I wish that love, prosperity, and well-being be with you and your dear ones not only on Christmas season but all year long.Christmas Wishes For Friends

  21. Christmas is a time to cherish our loved ones, bringing true happiness in our lives. Merry Christmas everyone.

  22. My dear friend, may this joyous day bring you happiness and tranquility, good luck and well-being. Merry Christmas.

  23. I feel so thankful for having a wonderful friend like you, wishing you all the goodies of the holidays and the coming year.

  24. Hey friend! My sadness in your life is replaced with unending joy and happiness! Smile my dear, for the season of Christmas, is finally here! Here is a wish for a Merry Christmas.

  25. In this Christmas season, may you spend it in the enjoyment of the message of love, hope, and peace on earth? Wishing you a blessed Christmas my dear friend.

  26. This is the season to wish one another love, joy and peace. These are my utmost wishes for you, Merry Christmas my dear friend, may you feel the love and joy presented by this special day.

  27. May the joy of being with your loved ones lift you up during this Christmas season and fill your heart with happiness.

  28. Christmas is a very bright and kind holiday and I wish that every day of your life would be just as beautiful as this holiday. Merry Christmas.

  29. I just adore picking up gifts for my friends and giving them. Your happy smiles make me happy too. And giving you presents is the least I can do. Merry Christmas.

  30. Christmas always gives me a special feeling of gratitude. I thank God for a friend like you every day of my life. Without you, my life would be dull and grey. Merry Christmas, dear friend.

  31. What have you wished for this Christmas? As for me, I wished our friendship to last forever! Merry Christmas.

  32. Enjoy each sip of Christmas punch, each cookie shaped like a tree, and each festive moment you share with family and friends.

  33. A time to say “Good Bye” to all sorrows and to embrace happiness. A time to woo near and dear ones, with gifts and wishes. Merry Christmas.

  34. Merry Christmas to the person who knows all of my secrets, knows the things that make me happy or sad. I love you, my friend.

  35. Christmas carols everywhere, gift-giving here and there. Christmas is a merry-making season that will be a lot special If spent with a friend like you.

Christmas Wishes For Family :

Whether it is a festival or a place to roam, all these things are unnecessary without the family, because we live with the family and enjoy a lot of saris, this makes our relationship very strong towards our family. If you are more comfortable with Merry Christmas wishes for family in English, then we also have these funny merry Christmas wishes. This merry Christmas wishes messages will make him remember of all the grateful moments which you have spent family. So, below are some of the Christmas wishes for family and friends and Merry Christmas wishes text which you can share with your family member on any social platform you want.

  1. Wishing all my family members peace and love this holiday season. May you feel the joy in your home that you bring to me. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Dear family, I send loving Christmas Eve wishes and for all. I hope this Christmas your life be filled with happiness and prosperity always.

  3. Christmas brings everyone together. It is such a magical time of year a family time and one to share with those we hold most dear. Merry Christmas.

  4. Loving Christmas Eve wishes for my dear family members with love. Let lord Jesus bless you and everyone with peace and happiness to be joyful forever.

  5. On this joyful occasion of Christmas, I really want to thank Jesus for blessing me with such a wonderful family! Merry Christmas.

  6. To my sweet family, I send Christmas Eve wishes with gifts for you. This Christmas be the best of all for your family and you all be happy always and welcome Lord Jesus with love.

  7. May Santa bring lots of goodness and happiness to our family on this Christmas! Merry Christmas.

  8. I wish you a Merry Christmas to you my dearest family. Though I am not home for Christmas, I send all my wishes and love through this beautiful card and the gifts for you all.

  9. How I am missing all of you on this Christmas Eve! All I wish you a great Christmas for the lovely family full of love and happiness.

  10. Being miles apart, sitting alone; nothing matters much. May the love and bonding of our family stay united forever in this way. Merry Christmas.

  11. No family is perfect, but the bonding we share is much special and never-ending. Merry Christmas to all of you lovely people.

  12. In this best time of Christmas Day, all I want Santa Claus to bring my family to me and that would be the nicest gift ever. Miss you all.

  13. All my warm wishes, love and prayers for the most adorable family that I have! May this Christmas you all are bestowed with good health and happiness.

  14. Being with my family this Christmas is the best present I ever wished for. I feel the warmth and joy of being home with all of you! Merry Christmas.

  15. Cookies and sweets in every corner of the house! That’s how it smells Christmas with family.

  16. Enjoy your time opening the presents this holiday season while singing Christmas music and eating delicious food.

  17. It is the end of the year and you have finally got enough time to spend with your family. Enjoy it. Merry Christmas.

  18. It is the most blessed time of the year. It is Christmas. It is the time when the family gets back together again. Merry Christmas to the best family I could ever have.

  19. Take this season to get away from your busy life and enjoy time with your family members! My best Christmas wishes to you.

  20. May God’s blessing shines upon your family members and you on this Christmas time.Christmas Wishes For Family

  21. I hope you already got the best Christmas presents. Spend your time with your loved ones.

  22. I am looking forward to spending this Christmas holiday with you. My warmest early Christmas wishes.

  23. Christmas is the time of the year to give gifts to your loved ones and appreciate their efforts of endless caring about you. Merry Christmas to you my dearest family.

  24. My family, I am wishing you joy and blessing this Christmas with all my heart.

  25. Wondrous Christmas nights always remind me that I’ll never be alone because my beautiful family will never let it happen. And I promise you just the same. Merry Christmas.

  26. Having you as part of my family makes every day feels like Christmas to me. The comfort and warmth that accompany this season remind me of you. Merry Christmas to a special family.

  27. May this wonderful holiday season shine and sparkle, may all of your dreams and wishes come true, and may you feel this joy and happiness all year round. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

  28. Do not worry about the gift for me on this Christmas. My dear sweet family in good health and great mood is everything I want to get. Because that’s what I need to be happy. Merry Christmas.

  29. The beauty and glory of Christmas is something worth sharing together. Wishing you an amazing holiday season filled with surprising and amazing moments.

  30. On this beautiful Christmas morning, I send you a message of hope and faith for an amazing holiday season, Merry Christmas to you.

  31. May you forget all your pain and your enemies turn into friends. I wish a Merry Christmas that brings a season full of joy to enjoy and cherish forever.

  32. The present is a treasure; let’s enjoy it to the fullest. May this Christmas season bring now good time and tomorrow’s golden memories.

  33. All I want my family to have the exclusive Christmas gift full of patience while in problem and confidence while in trouble. Merry Christmas.

  34. Like the twinkle lights of the Christmas trees, May God bless our family this Christmas Eve and for the New Year.

  35. I wish the Christmas spirit bring peace, hope, and love in our family. Wishing Merry Christmas to the most supportive family.

I think that you like my Christmas day wishes. These were some of the best merry Christmas cards wishes in English which you can share as much as you want with your friends, family member, and relatives. Then what are you waiting for? Grab these Christmas card wishes and Christmas wishes messages share them as much as you can.

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