Best Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Brother

Here at we have compiled a collection of the best happy birthday wishes for your brother. We have brother’s birthday wishes and birthday greetings written in Hindi and in English. Please feel free to share these birthday wishes on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else! We hope you enjoy our quotes, wishes and greetings. You can edit them or add to them and make them your own. All our best happy birthday wishes for your brother are completely unique and free to everyone.
Our brothers are so important to us in our lives, even if we don’t always want to admit it! But where would we be in life without our bros! So send your brother some love on their birthday this year!

Birthday Wishes For Your Younger Brother:

Younger brothers mean the world to us, they may be irritating from time to time but in the end we feel like we are on this Earth to protect them and to teach them the ways of the world. We may not always succeed in this regard but we never give up on them, we never stop trying and we never stop loving them. So why not send your brother some good thoughts on their birthday this year. Feel free to add to our brother birthday wishes and make them your own.

  1. I often wonder how my life would have turned out if you were not brought into it. It would certainly be a lot less interesting! And more boring, less fun and a lot less meaningful. You have changed my life, little bro. I could never ask for a better brother. Have a great day on your birthday.

  2. Not only are you my precious kid brother but you are my best friend too. It’s a joy to have you in my life and I will always be there for you.

  3. BEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR YOUR brother. Growing up with you was a blast. If we ever did grow up. Let’s keep blasting tonight! Have a good one.

  4. I may not be with you in person on your big day, but I’m thinking of you and I’m with you in spirit! Best wishes on your birthday, brother.

  5. To my kid brother on his birthday, have a great day, and remember, I’ve always got your back no matter what life throws at you.

  6. My little bro is x years old! Where does the time go?! Seems like yesterday I was charging around the street taking out all your enemies! Have a class birthday, big man!

  7. Even though sometimes you drive me insane! You always manage to brighten up my life. Best wishes on your birthday, bro.

  8. They say you cannot choose your family – unlucky for some, bro. You are stuck with me. Happy birthday, brother.
    Birthday Wishes For little Brother

  9. It’s that time of the year again, your birthday, the one day In the year when I won’t deny your the better looking one! Best wishes for another birthday, brother.

  10. My baby brother is now my big brother! You may be taller but you’ll always be my little brother, happy birthday.

  11. Happy birthday, young man. I can only thank our parents for giving me such an awesome baby brother! Have a great day.

  12. To my brother and my best friend on his birthday. Have a good one.

  13. When we were growing up I always felt a need to protect you and look after you. Now we protect each other. I’ll always have your back. Happy birthday, bro. 

  14. Wishing you lots of fun today and lots of success in your future. Have an awesome birthday, kid.

  15. Baby brother, you fill me with pride. The love that I’ve got for you I will never hide. Many happy returns and have the best day.

Birthday Wishes For Your Older Brother

Where would you be in Life without your big bro? Older brother’s – they are an inspiration to us, our protectors, our guides in life, and our best friends.
So let’s show our big bros what they mean to us by sending them good wishes on their big day. Here at we have compiled various unique birthday wishes for an older brother. We hope our visitors will spread the love by sending these to their big brothers the world over. Wishes can be edited and added to to make your own greetings and they can be shared anywhere, such as Facebook, Instagram etc etc..

  1. Not only are you my inspiration and my idol, but the truth is, you are my dearest friend. The very best wishes on your birthday, bro.

  2. Thank you for being there for me when I was in trouble and for having my back when mom and dad were on the warpath! Thanks for choking me in laughter every time I see you, for the truth when I needed to hear it, and for the encouragement when I needed that too. Thanks for being my best friend, and my brother. Have a great birthday.

  3. I’m lucky to have the best brother in the world, and luckier to have the best friend in the world. Have a great day. I’ll bring the beers.

  4. Good friends are a rare thing, brothers are more common, but a friend who is a brother is a friend for life. Many happy returns.

  5. Greetings on another birthday, big guy. Another year older, but not so much the wiser. Obviously I’m the good looking one, but I hope you get all the luck tonight! Many happy returns.

  6. To me, you are the best brother a man could ask for. You taught me how to stand up for myself, you protected me when I couldn’t and I will always be there for you. Including tonight, I’ll be waiting with a beer. Best wishes on your big day. 

  7. A bro like you is a blessing in disguise, sometimes we don’t even realise. You always have my back, you always keep me on the right track. you are my guide, you show me the way, so I hope you have the very best day. Happy birthday, bro.

  8. OMG yet another year, we’re both getting older, we’re needing more beer. So let’s go out drinking for some fun and cheer. You buy the vodka and I’ll buy the beer.
    Birthday Wishes For Elder Brother

  9. You are my big brother, you are my best friend, you spent a lifetime driving me ’round the bend. But that’s okay, it’s your big day, I’ll get the beers, I’m coming your way.

  10. my brother, you’re like no other. You the best, forgetting the rest. You have my back when I’m under attack. I’m always here for you, in good times and bad. So many happy returns, I love you, comrade.

  11. What is a big brother, a friend from our mother, a guide and a mentor, a second father. A leader, a lesson, but not quite as handsome. Annoying enough, but never too tough. Another year. Happy birthday.

  12. At times it may seem like I don’t appreciate you, but you’re my best friend and I swear I don’t hate you. You can irritate me to within an inch of my life, but you are always there during trouble and strife. You always stand up for me and hear my concerns, so I’ll bring the beers, many happy returns!

  13. You claimed that I was the mommy’s boy, I was someone to goof on, someone to annoy. But brother I know that somewhere inside you look down upon me with a slither of pride. In times of trouble you stood by my side. A brother, a mentor, you were my guide. 

  14. It’s your birthday brother and again you get older, I think of the times you let me cry on your shoulder. Another year passes and you’ve not let me down, I thank god every day that I have you around. I could not have asked for a much better brother, you’re the best of the best, there is no other.

  15. Another day, another dollar, we’re off to get drunk, just me and my brother. We’ll drink all day and we’ll drink all night, we’ll laugh and we’ll argue and you’ll always be right! Another next morning waking up on the floor, an amazing night, a shocking hangover. On my way, happy birthday!

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